From time to time,  we are asked : ” could you turn a white and black photo into painting?” or “Can you colorize a black and white photo to make a color portrait?”  Definitely we can.  An experienced artist is good at color matching and skin tones/eyes and so on.  A good portrait artist could not only duplicate the photo,  the most important thing is to express the motion by his paint brush.

Let’s take a look at the painting and the original photo the portrait based on.

B&W turned into colored painting-1219


Kid portraits turned from photo

December 20th, 2013

This painting was completed about a month ago. However, our customer did not approve of it until yesterday. At the same time, we got the feedback from the inbox that:

Thanks so much!!! Love it!!

Thank you for fixing the painting until I was satisfied!  You have great customer service!!”

—Grave P.

At Portrait Painting,  we stand by our work and that’s why we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t completely satisfied with your portrait, you don’t pay a dime. It’s that simple. So we will fix the painting until you are satisfied with it.

When she previewed the first proof,  she told me that “My daughters face (specifically, nose and mouth) do not look like the photo.  Please fix that area. ” Then we arranged to modify.

We got feedback from the updated image that” I’m still not satisfied with my daughter’s face. I’ve shown three other people the painting and they all agree that it does not look like her. Please communicate this to the artist. ” Again, we compared the portrait with the original photo, and communicated the changes to our artist to refine.

However, the mother still were not satisfied with it looking at the third image.  She said: “The space between the nose and eyes is too wide and her nose still looks too wide.” We studied the words and painting and communicated with our artist how to change the portrait to what the customer want it to be. In our view, the painting is already on a very good likeness. Then the artist tried to correct her face again.

Finally, we got the agreement. “Thanks so much!!! Love it!!”, the mother said.

Let’s have a look at our painting :



The original photo the painting based on:

稿-A1115-24x20in 横稿-A1115-24x20in 横



Recently, a customer ordered a painting for the Christmas gift for her husband. It’s a dog painting converted from photo. We got the feedback from her that:”It looks great. I can’t wait to see it and give to my husband for Christmas. Thanks again.”

Christmas is coming,  it’s really a great idea to paint a special picture as a present for your husband, wife,  children, parents, friends and so on.

It is the painting we completed recently:



The original photo the painting based on:



House painting,handmade in oil

December 10th, 2013

One day, a returning customer sent me an photo and asked if we can turn it in oil.

It was a house image which is  a little blurry. It’s said that the houseburned to the ground a few years ago and the customer would like to recreate a portrait painting for their parents.  Due to it being photo copy and not clear enough, so what the customer concerned is ” if the picture high enough quality for a portrait to be made?” They knew we can make it because we did a painting for them before.

Usually, yes, especially for portrait painting.  The better the picture, the better the final result. But, sometimes our artist can create based on the original picture.  An experienced artist painter is able to paint and color by his experience, even though a black and white photograph can be converted into a colored one.

Thanks for your trust, we made it finally. This is what we created:




The photo copy this painting based on:

稿-15x12in 横

Dog portrait from photograph

November 28th, 2013

This beautiful painting is created by our talented artist. We can turn any kind of photo into painting.

The customer is very satisfied with the image of the painting. We got feedback from our inbox that ” It looks absolutely amazing!!! Thank u so much!!!

Thank u again for capturing every detail!!! I cannot wait for it to get here!!!”
The painting created by portrait painting:
The original photo our painting based on:

Dancing on the Wedding day

November 28th, 2013

This  wedding painting would be  a gift for one’s best friend (of 25 years) . She thought this would be a perfect gift to a new couple.

Yes, portrait painting is a great gift idea for holidays such as Christmas, Thanksgiving, Fathers day and Mother’s Day, also an optimum present for wedding couple and anniversary. We all understand that no other way would keep memory longer than turning it into oil on canvas.

We are happy to help you have special moments become eternal.

Our painting:



The original photo the painting based on:


Commissioned portrait painting

November 5th, 2013

We completed a commissioned portrait painting from a digital mock up image. Do you know how we made it?

One day, a customer asked:

–Would it be possible for a portrait of my profile/head be added to a bust of a historical military general

(in a traditional oil painting?)

–Yes. Definitely we can.

Then we got the pictures photoshopped as expected for the customer’s preview.

We started to paint once the customer approved of the picture to be painted.

At last, our client and his folks were pleased with the painting when they got it.

We are even more happy when we get feedback from our customers that ” AWESOME! WE LOVE IT!!”.

The painting we did:



The original photo:


This beautiful wedding painting was created from a photograph. It’s oil on canvas, 20×30.

We received feedback from the customer :” The portrait looks amazing!!!!!  I can’t wait to see it in person.”

–Jason T.   11/02/2013

The painting we did:


The original photo which the painting was based on:


Cute puppy painting from photo

November 2nd, 2013

This is another beautiful pet painting we completed recently.

It must be a very cute puppy.

I’m wondering how would i treat my pet , maybe a dog or a cat, if i had one? Without doubt, i’ll take care of it with love and patience.  However, what will you do when your pets get ill? I want to say, don’t abandon them no matter what happens. Treat them just as treat one of your  family members.

Just because they deserve it when you decided to bring it home.

The painting done by the Portrait Painting.



The original photograph:

Original photo

A boy at the beach

October 9th, 2013

At Portrait Painting, we completed a portrait of a boy at the beach recently.

We are so happy to know that the customer is satisfied with it from the feedback:

“I approve of the painting! It looks incredible!!!! The artist captured a lot of the fine details. I am truly impressed. ”

Beverly T.

View the original photo(right) the painting turned from, you will realize what’s commissioned art.

A Boy At The Beach