Nude Paintings

June 24th, 2009

We are frequently asked if we do nude paintings.  The answer is “yes”.

We’ve completed several nude paintings, but for obvious reasons none of them are in our portfolio.  We recently completed a painting that is semi-nude and safe for work.  The first picture below is the original photo and the photo below that is a picture of the completed painting.

If you are interested in having a nude painting done, just contact us.

Original Nude Photo

Nude Painting from Photo

Video Explanation of our Services

February 18th, 2009

Some people are more visual and others.  Often, we have customers that have a hard time understanding exactly what we do by reading our website.  So, we decided to create a video that explains what we do in a little more detail.  The video explains how we turn a photo into a painting.

This two minute video should answer the most common questions we receive.  If you watch the video and still have questions, please visit our main Portrait Painting website.

We get asked all the time about how to care for oil portrait paintings.  I’ve compiled a list of useful sites that describe how to take care of and clean oil paintings.

How to Care for Original Oil Paintings – Robyn Bellospirito

How to Use Bread to Clean an Oil Paintng

Tips On The Care And Handling Of Your Oil Painting

How to Care for a New Oil Painting

Care and Conservation of Oil Paintings – PDF

Oil Painting Care – eHow

How to Take Care of an Original Oil Painting – Associated Content

Oil Paintings Restoration Guide

How to Clean an Oil Painting – wikiHow

The most frequent question we are asked at Portrait Painting is… “Are your portraits really hand painted?” The answer is “yes”.

We are asked this so often because other websites offer a “photo to canvas” service. These companies use a digital printer and art canvas to print your photo onto a canvas. Just because something is on canvas doesn’t mean it’s hand painted.

Here are a couple tips to distinguish companies that offer paintings versus prints.

A hand painted portrait is going to be more expensive than a printed photo. With a “photo to canvas” service, a photo is just printed by the company using a special printer. That’s it. A 24″ x 30″ photo print may cost about $75 while an actual painting of that size will cost around $229 and up.

A portrait painting should take a couple weeks, but a printed canvas can be turned around in a couple hours.

There are also terms companies use to give the impression that a canvas is painted when it is actually printed. Those terms…

“digital brushstrokes”
“digital paintbrush”
“giclee” – anytime you see this term, it means the photo is printed not painted

If you are looking to have your photo turned into an actual painting, then you should be suspicious of any company that says we can make your photo “look like a painting”. At Portrait Painting, your photo will look like a painting because it is a painting.

Affiliate Program

July 15th, 2008

Over the past several weeks, we are frequently asked if we have an affiliate program.  Many of you would like to send business our way and get compensated for it.

Unfortunately, we don’t have an affiliate program at this time.  But, we plan on offering a program in the near future.  We are still ironing out all the details of the program.

If you want to be notified when our affiliate program launches, fill out the online form we’ve created.

How Long Does It Take?

April 23rd, 2008

One of the most frequent questions we’re asked is… How long does it take to get a painted portrait? The answer – on average, about 4 weeks.

A lot of our customers are under a time crunch because they are giving the portrait as a gift. Most people don’t worry about gifts until a week or two before a special event. Unfortunately, we can’t speed up the process. Putting speed in front of quality is not something we are comfortable doing. You won’t be happy with the result and neither will the person receiving the gift.

So, how can this problem be solved? Well, you can be honest (sort of). You can tell the person receiving the painting that you are getting them something special, that is custom made but took longer than you thought it would. A hand painted portrait is something that is worth the wait. Two or three years from now when that painting is hanging in their living room, they won’t remember it was a few days late, but they will remember who gave it to them.