We completed this painting recently, you will see how beautiful the blue water!!

Compare the painting with the original image. Have you found the slight differences between them?


The original photo:

The original ship photo-24"x 36"

Below is our painting:

Ship portrait


Perfect Gift For Your Boat Lover

February 19th, 2009

Do you have a boat lover in your family?  If you need a gift for a nautical enthusiast, then you may want to consider a custom boat painting.

Our portrait artists have years of experience.  We can do a painting of a canoe, yacht, sailboat – heck, even a submarine.  I’ve attached a photo of a yacht painting we recently completed.  So far, this is the most expensive vessel we’ve painted.

Boat Photo to Painting

We can turn almost any photo into a painting.  That includes pictures of boats, ships, yachts, and other seafaring vessels (submarines, kayaks, pirate ships, and anything else you can think of).

Our most recent yacht portrait can be seen below.  Sometimes, the detail on large yachts is difficult to paint, but we have some of the best portrait artists and if they can’t do it, nobody can.  Just look at the details in the portrait below.  Oil was the medium used for the portrait below.

Original Photo

Hand Painted Portrait