We received this unsolicited feedback in our inbox yesterday.

I just wanted to thank the company and especially the artist for doing such an amazing job on the picture of the dog.  It was for a friend of mine whose dog had its leg amputated because of cancer and then the dog passed away because of the cancer weeks later.  I gave her the painting yesterday and it brought tears of happiness to her face. She absolutely loved it and couldn’t believe how life-like it looked.  You guys really brought happiness back to her and your artist is extremely gifted.  I will absolutely use you guys in the future and recommend you to everyone.  Thanks again for the painting as she will cherish it forever!


Below is the painting we did for Sean.

2 Responses to “An Email We Received Yesterday…”

  1. wowtisa Says:

    Just like looking at the same original picture! it has the same picture, size and colors. I am impressed and wonder how can you paint this exactly the way it is? Remarkable!

  2. liz Says:

    The artworks is much better than the photo… such a wonderful work of art.

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