Put the portraits together

September 24th, 2013

It’s really a good idea to put the children’s portraits in together for the home decor and the wall art decoration.

Recently, we completed the painting for the boy. A few years ago, we painted a portrait for his elder sister.  His parents would like to put their portraits together in the same room, so the same size is requested.  Believe it must be fabulous when you enter your room seeing your boy and girl smiling to you:)

Doubtlessly, the painting captured a special memory.  It doesn’t only record a happy time of the childhood.


Portrait of the boy(left is the painting)




Portrait of his elder sister( left is the painting)



Custom house painting

September 23rd, 2013

Today we received the kind feedback from the master of the house painting:

“I received the painting and it was AMAZING! – It turned out better than I could have hoped for….”

–Billy S. 23/9/2013
The customer is so kind, he understand our work because we have done many portraits and paintings for him.  He would like to showcase image of painting we did for him so that the future customers know what we did before. At least, there will be samples when viewing our website.
This painting turned out really beautiful:
Oil on Canvas – 20×30
House painting
The original photograph:

Beautiful wedding portrait

August 28th, 2013

Oil on canvas-30×36

Our painting

The original photo:

Original photo


Above is the painting we completed recently.

Above is our painting, below is the original photo.

Look at the background, our painting is more brighter with bluer sky and water.

As to commissioned painting, which is  featured with likeness and realism, creativeness also can be taken into consideration when painting.

For example, matching an appropriate background if the original is poor. Darken or lighten the tonalities in order to that the overall painting will turn out good.



Couple portrait

July 23rd, 2013

We completed this couple portrait painting recently. I’m so sorry to hear that the woman in the photo passe away a few months ago. After receiving the painting, the customer said:

“I received it and its at the framing shop now. The framing shop commented on the good quality of the canvass used (apparently, many places use a lesser quality canvass)–thank you for that.  My wife passed away a few months ago, and this portrait is very special to me. I appreciate the care you took with it.  ”

Brian C.

Our painting:

Our painting



The digital mock-up image by our artist:

Digital Mock-up Image


The Original Photo :

The original photo

You can see that we did a mock up image before painting. We cropped the original photo to the size of  wanting, matched a light blue solid background for it.  In order to turn out a good painting, sometimes photoshop and mock-up is a must before painting. That’s why we can convert any kind of photo into painting.





House portrait painting

July 15th, 2013

It’s likely that you know how to get a photo more closer by photographing, but do you know how to make it larger and looks like more closer when painting?

At portrait painting, we made it. See the original photo, the house is a little far away and small, the customer wants to get a painting with a closer vision of the house. So we made a mock up image and then turn it into a painting after approval.

Original photo


The below is our painting, larger the house, and stand out the topic, much better. Thanks for the good idea from the owner of the artwork.




We completed this painting recently, you will see how beautiful the blue water!!

Compare the painting with the original image. Have you found the slight differences between them?


The original photo:

The original ship photo-24"x 36"

Below is our painting:

Ship portrait


Friends portrait painting

May 22nd, 2013

We received a feedback in our inbox yesterday:

I received my painting last week and was completely ecstatic about it. It was perfect, everything I had hoped it would be. The detailing and craftsmanship was perfect. I had requested it by a certain date as it was a gift for my boyfriend and I received it well before then. I cannot wait to give it to him. Thank you sooo much!!
-Andrea Clewes
Below is our painting:
 A 1072-0503

Wedding gift

May 22nd, 2013

We completed this portrait recently.

In the initial proof, there was a fatal error–they are blue eyes with the original photo, however, it was brown on the canvas when completed. “The original image is too small and it looks like their eyes’ color is brown”, our artist said. Thanks for the customer emailed us reference pictures for their blue eyes,  the corrected portrait turned out so beautiful.

Yes, absolutely the higher resolution of  the original photo is, the more realistic and human look of the painting would be.



Below is our painting





We completed this postcard painting recently.

This is what the customer said after viewing the image of the completed painting: EXCELLENT !! Thank you so much for all of your time and patience on this !!

Also we received feedback after the customer received this artwork:

We had a great experience with PortraitPainting.com ! They were very patient with my mom and I, as they recreated a postcard from the early 1900’s of our home.
My mom was so happy with the painting she cried !!
Thank you Portraitpainting for turning this small bend black and white postcard into a work of art !!
Above is our painting.

Post card to painting

Postcard from the early 1900's

A 1067-0402An old copy of portrait for a mother


Recently, we have finished this portait, which from an old electrical copy in PDF form. Above is our painting.

We are so glad to hear that the customer is satisfied with this artwork.  Guess this painting is a gift for a mother, wish it bring much happiness to both the giver and receiver.   We provide not only paintings , but also the best wishes.