Two Dogs Lounging Around

January 7th, 2010

We recently finished turning the photo below into a painting.  This painting was a little difficult because the shadows on the original photo were rather harsh.  It was hard for the artist to see all the details on each dog, but our artist still did a great job.

20″ x 24″ – Oil on Canvas

Original Photo

Original Photo

Photo to Painting

Photo to Painting

4 Responses to “Two Dogs Lounging Around”

  1. Samuel Hernandez Says:

    i really love dogs as pets because they are so adorable and very loyal pets too-*-

  2. Tilly Holmes Says:

    i love dogs specially very small puppies coz they are so so overly cute, i love to hug them..’

  3. Anti-Aging : Says:

    my girlfriend really loves cute dogs and puppies, she thinks they are little babies~’-

  4. Flashing Beacon Says:

    puppies and dogs are very cute, i always love to play with them during my spare time :.*

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