Business and Corporate Gifts

A custom hand painted portrait is gift that’s unforgettable. We have helped businesses and corporations create unique and memorable gifts for employees and clients.

A hand painted portrait can be given as gift during the holidays, anniversaries, award ceremonies, retirement, the completion of a project, or the closing of a sale. Keeping employees happy and retaining valuable customers is a critical part of any business - a custom portrait can do both of these things.

Our team of artists can do 1, 100, or 1000 paintings. For large quantities of one painting, we can offer custom sizes and custom framing.

Custom Commissioned Paintings

If you don't have a photo, we can still create a unique oil painting.  Read on for more information.

Our company can provide custom artwork for any business (hotels, restaurants, offices, interior designers, and more).

Idea #1:

An engineering or construction company that has just finished a massive project may want to reward its employees with a special gift commemorating the project. If the project was a multi-million dollar baseball stadium, we can hand paint and custom frame a portrait of the stadium.

Idea #2

You’re a real estate agent and have just sold a home.  You’d like to get a gift for your customer to celebrate the occasion.  Consider commissioning a custom house portrait of the home that was just sold.  Selling a home is an emotional event for many people; a portrait of the home they just sold can be hung in their new house.  When they look at the portrait they will remember the good times they had at that house, and the real estate agent who gave it to them. 

How to Order:

If you’re interested in one painting, you can place the order online. For larger quantities, please contact us for a custom quote.