Child and Baby Portraits

Children are an incredible gift, and the artwork on your walls can reflect that if you turn your favorite photographs into stunning masterpieces featuring your children. With a stunning hand painted child portrait hanging on your wall, you will be constantly reminded of how precious life truly is, and how beautiful and amazing that children can truly be. Some memories are meant to be something more than simply photographs stuffed in a box. Turn your favorite photos into stunning works of art with the help of an incredible team of oil painting artists. Capture your most special moments by turning them into incredible hand painted masterpieces.

All of our child portraits are hand painted by our team of talented oil painting artists. All you need to do to turn a favorite photograph of your child or children into a stunning, distinctive painting is to send your photographs to us straight away. We offer a very professional team of portraiture artists who can take a detailed photograph of your children and turn it into a beautiful, stunning oil painting that you can cherish forever. The more detailed your photograph is, the more details will be reflected in the final product of your stunning oil painting. We strive to create a finished product that perfectly reflects your original photograph, and if you are not satisfied in every possible way we will do everything that we can to improve your painting, or will offer you a 100% money back guarantee.