Why Choose Us

100% Hand Painted

Every portrait is hand painted. Our artists don't use any type of computer or projection device. If you don't believe every portrait is hand painted, then just watch a video of one of our artists painting a portrait.

Most Experienced Artists

Our artists have over seventy years of experience. Some of our artists have a specific area of expertise - for example, we have one artist that specializes in pet portraits. Once you submit a photograph, we'll choose the artist that's best suited for your specific picture.

Finest Materials

We don't cut corners. Each of our paintings is produced using the finest paints and the highest quality canvas. Your painting will look better and last forever.

100% Money Back Guarantee

If you aren't completely satisfied with your portrait, you don't pay a dime. It's that simple.

Only 30% Down To Begin Your Painting

That's all we require. The remainder of the balance is due when you're satisfied with the painting.

Best Value

When it comes to art, we think low price guarantees are silly - value is more important. We don't have the lowest price, but we have the best artists at a great price.

Ease of Ordering

Placing an order online is a simple, three step process that only takes a few minutes. You can conveniently upload your picture or email it to us.

Dedicated Customer Service Agents

We have a team of customer service agents dedicated to answering any question you may have. After you place an order, an agent will be in constant contact with you until you receive your painting.